About MyeTS Store

The MyeTS Store provides the tourist the opportunity to buy high value souvenir and gift items while they are in Malaysia or back to their home country.

The key products in the store are:

  1. Souvenirs
  2. Packed Foods
  3. Beauty and Wellness Products

These are uniquely Malaysian products that represents the diversity of gifts that tourists can bring home to their beloved country. You may not find any similar products in other parts of the world.

You can get miniature kites or better know as WAU in Malaysia, batik products and alos the Malaysian White Coffee.

The price are as competitive as you could get, but from the convenience of your hotel room. You can make the order and shall be delivered within 48 hours upon confirmation of purchase.

Please take your time to browse through our range of offerings, we are certain you will be delighted with the products and the pricing.

Welcome to Malaysia and Happy Shopping